Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Which ones shall make sudsy baths for the next year...?

So I've got a bunch of tallow from slaughtering all the animals , and I realized I could pick which type of soap I want to see next when we run low again. Currently we are using dog soap and yak soap, for no reason other than we had their tallow available last time we made soap.

Which of these shall I wash the dwarves with, given the choice...? Multiple choices, "all of the above", and "indifferent" are all equally good options.
  • forgotten beast soap
  • dog soap
  • cat soap
  • mule soap
  • horse soap
  • sheep soap
  • reindeer soap
  • yak soap
  • llama soap
  • alpaca soap
  • groundhog soap
  • one-humped camel soap
  • honey badger soap
I was kind of leaning toward forgotten beast, because I hate them and washing bodies with them sounds like good revenge. I also like the idea of cat soap because I remain amused by the semi-famous story of the fortress built completely from bars of cat tallow soap in 40d. And I like the idea of alpaca and reindeer soap because they sound vaguely cute and somehow environmentally friendly (although I'm not sure that's realistic). And honey badger soap for the "wtf?" factor. I bet my soldiers would like it.

If only I could get some troglodyte soap. That would definitely be my favorite. The troglodytes are skilling up my doctors by giving civilians broken fingers and toes occasionally, and I'd love to see them turn into soap...But alas, troglodytes are inedible, so no butchering, no tallow, and no soap.

Well. All tallow that is not selected for soap will be made into roasts.

My migrant cook, Sodel Deepblockades, is up to Master level now, and is starting to make Meng-like masterwork meals. Let's see if he flips out when people eat them. Meng is still turning over in his grave each time a roast he made gets eaten, even though he is dead. Poor Meng.

As part of his initiation, Sodel Deepblockades checked out the statues, several of which are of Meng.

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