Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Nutscaves is proud to announce- (Part 3)

With 16 dwarves left, Armok finally discovered the correct method to clean blood from a stairway.

You construct a floor on it. The floor goes right over the blood and removes it from existence. The first three guys died trying to build the floor over the contaminated spot, but the fourth one finished it before he got the rot.

I spent a good dozen lives trying to follow the magmawiki's cleaning instructions. "Make a janitor! Make a meeting area! Enable cleaning! They'll clean it! Everything will be fine! This bug is very minor!" NO THEY WILL NOT. DWARVES WILL NEVER CLEAN STAIRS IN THIS VERSION!! Naughty magmawiki!

I should probably back up a little and mention I found a pool that was infecting everyone. I'm a little out of order here.

Armok is displeased. Blood is meant to adorn the fortress, not kill everyone in it. We cannot make more blood if we keep losing too much of it. Losing some blood is fine. Losing all of it is useless.

Now there's just the infected blood in the hospital from all the people dying, that I know of. The dwarven washing machine/incinerator I built has taken care of the contaminated clothing. I hope.

It might go without saying, but everyone has been forced to roam around stark naked, except the single remaining soldier and the janitor, who are still wearing their armor. I checked it item by item to make sure it was not contaminated.

Some clothiers had better show up to my fort if anyone lives. And I mean dwarves with good stats to become clothiers. Not dwarves professing to be clothiers.

Meng would appreciate the difference.

I'll build statues and toss them into magma until I get one of Meng's likeness, if Nutscaves pulls through this.

I don't think Nutscaves is going to pull through this, though.

At least, Armok sure did learn something about building cavern entrances from this whole insane incident.

"Thou shalt not build a cavern entrance that does not force the dwarves through a bathtub." Letting forgotten beast liquids into the fortress proper is just BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD

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