Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's too delicious. Don't eat it, Urist!

So Meng Berdakas, my legendary cook, prepared a masterful roast. It was one of many dozens of masterful roasts. I like to send masterful roasts off with the traders, trading them for iron and steel products to melt. I also like to store them around the fortress in hopes my dwarves will eat them and become insanely happy.

So it finally happened. Urist McGuilty found a masterful roast in the fortress, took it to a dining room table, and gobbled it all up. There is no doubt Urist McGuilty is now ecstatic, with a bellyfull of masterfully minced cheese, meat, fish, and/or flour.

I have so many ecstatic dwarves, that I have no idea which one is the true Urist McGuilty, either.

Now the roast is gone. Om nom nom. And Meng Berdakas is screaming and throwing things. You see, Meng, as the cook of that roast, has suffered the terrible crime of art defacement. His roast will never come back and sit in the stockpile waiting to be eaten--because it is already in the digestive system of Urist McGuilty.

I fear Meng might go crazy as a result of this crime. He has spent so many years training to be the best cook in the known world. Traders come from far and wide to purchase his legendary roasts. He doesn't have a problem with selling them. Meng is hungry for fame. For perfection. For transcendance. Maybe if he breaks enough chairs he'll calm down...

I can make more chairs, but I can't make more Mengs...he was carefully selected and groomed for his role as the Nutscaves master chef.


Melt: When you melt down iron, steel, or other metal objects, you can then reforge the metal into something else. In most cases you will not get as much metal as it took to make the item originally. In Nutscaves, we are buying iron and steel items to melt so that our smiths can forge good weapons and armor.

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