Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Building up to the next tantrum spiral, Part 1

So, I had all these migrants.

They've been dropping to the plague one by one. One dies about every month. Are they getting it by moving sick animals to quarantine? Is there a poisonous object still in the fort? I don't know.

Most of my beloved hardened individuals, the murderers and criminals who could stay ecstatic just by knowing they'd lived another month unpunished--have died. The new migrants didn't know the guys very well (other than the couple of super-charismatic ones), but they don't care for the deaths of fortress members at all. They don't know the remaining criminals for what they are, and are unaware of their past crimes, fortunately--but we seem to just be working up to the next tantrum spiral.

It also must seem odd that Urist McEcstatic (secret criminal) is so damn ecstatic and secretive all the time.

I'm fighting to keep all the new people so busy that they can't talk to each other. I'm making them put the finishing touches on my megaconstruction. It's just delaying the inevitable, but at least when these guys get wiped out by the plague, the next ones will have a working magma forge at the level right below the aquifer.

My small squad of newly well-trained soldiers suffered their first death as well. A forgotten beast entered the cavern and sped straight toward the work area. I didn't seem to have a choice other than to send them to meet it. It was a giant tick with three long horns, a wrinkly blue exoskeleton, and a poisonous bite. It didn't need the poison to brain one of my soldiers. Its first kick broke his arm through his masterwork gauntlet, and he doubled over in pain and got his head broken for that, right through the steel helmet, in a breath. Scary.

Luckily I have made the soldiers work so hard that Urist McBrained didn't have any good friends. (I feel a bit sorry for them, for how hard I've pushed them.) But the other three soldiers were traumatized at seeing somebody die, just the same.

The butcher is currently butchering the wicked giant tick's corpse. I wonder what he'll get out of it. Will it be edible? Eeeeeewwww.

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